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Card of the Month


Falls between 19th & 22nd of March in the northern hemisphere.

It is the time of the spring equinox. When the balance of light and dark is in perfect harmony It is when the inner work done over the dark times of winter holds the potential of our year to come. The moment before the days and light grow longer and life burst forth into being.


Herbs & Plants

Lily of the valley, daffodil, crocus, willow, elder, ash, thyme, tarragon, rose hip, sunflower seeds



Yellow, green & purple in pastel shades



Rhodochrosite – emotional healing, new beginnings & creation of joyful life

Tiger’s Eye – promotes wellbeing and self-sufficiency

Peridot – attracts positive changes into your life


Cards Mantra: Your coming year will be fertile and fruitful.


Ostara & The Moon Gazing Hare


Name: Emrick

Meaning: Immortal

Origin; Welsh

Hi I am Emrick the spirit animal of Nixie’s business. I had been popping up in her artwork for about 18 months when I decided she needed more than a subtle hint. So I hopped right on into her energy field so she had to notice me.

I am a moon gazing hare which makes me pretty awesome. I am full of positive energy such as growth, new beginnings, renewal, re-birth, & abundance.

Nixie Foster is an artist, author, way-shower and moon witch. Her passion is to empower soul-centred mamas to be in their truth so they love mamahood as much as their babies.


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