Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Children and Crystals

Children carry the vibration we, as adults, keep on searching.

In general, their perception is not malicious and they have not yet been exposed or influenced by so many different vibrations and intentions. Still strongly connected to their paths and carrying the energy of new life, children are in the most pure wave of energy as we can get in this realm. As beings starting the journey in the material life, our bodies now are composed of mainly water, water exposed to different vibrations will start to copy what we are surrounded by and that is when we will commence the part of selecting where and how we want to be, creating different and stronger personality traits.

How amazing is the whole process when you think about it in minutes and not years? How precious it is to have the honour to introduce someone to a new chapter in their lives! No, we do not have to be parents to have this honour, all we need is to love and expose a new life to the best experiences and vibrations we can think of, starting on love and moving on to compassion, forgiveness, happiness and so much more.  How does the old saying goes? ‘It takes a village to raise a child’.

The question is always similar to this ‘How can i do it?’ and the answer will always be something like this ‘however it feels right’.

We are beings of intention. Yes. What defines a good parent? Intention. As parents, we do what we think is right, what we think is best. Most of the time the facts we have to base our decisions are not even close to complete, so yes, mistakes will happen so the question comes down to what was the intention behind those decisions? There is no right and wrong, what we have is different perspectives, different experiences and different reasoning resulting in different parenting styles.

But lets get back to the title’s point.

Why should crystals be a part of early years of life? Oh! The list is extensive but the main reason is, water has memory, so the more positive vibrations and energy we expose our children, the more their own body will keep the imprint of the vibrations and will recognise it later in life. 

Children copy. They copy behaviours and attitudes, they copy body language and reactions. So would it not be expected for them to copy the energy crystals hold? If not copy, would it not be something easier for them to recognise when they are older and already exposed to so many other vibrations? By exposing them to crystals from early years, we are giving their subconscious  a memory to relate to when they come across it later in life, helping them identify the energy patterns and waves, so they can make their choices of where to be and somewhat, security. 

Here is a list of crystals that would support babies and children:

Rose Quartz: Carrying a loving and gentle  energy,  it enhances self love and self confidence, promoting compassion and calmness.

White Howlite: A perfect stone for tantrums and bedtime, it calms and eliminates stress.

Amethyst: It is a great crystal for reducing stress. It promotes a good and restful nigh sleep, helping with insomnia.


Clear Quartz: A great crystal to eliminate negative energy. As the master healer, it can help in healing any conflict.

Tiger Eye: A fantastic stone for grounding, bringing daydreamers back to reality. This crystal can help with confidence and courage.

Satin Spar/Selenite: Great to keep in the kids bedrooms, creating a calm and peaceful ambience and supporting mental clarity and well-being.

Clear Quartz: Positive, uplifting, and soothing. It is a great crystal to enhance the energy from other crystals around it.

Fluorite: A must have to school aged children as it helps with focus. It brings energetic balance and invites positive and calming energy to any room.

Lapis Lazuli: An incredible crystal for expanding the consciousness, supporting clarity in spiritual insight. Protective and great for communication, ideal for children with a touch of shyness in public.

Citrine: Fantastic for self-esteem, self-confidence and happiness.

Blue Lace Agate: The perfect stone for argumentative and short tempered children. It relieves stress and anxiety, promoting a peaceful communication.

Black Tourmaline: A perfect crystal for absorbing negative energy from room and body. It absorbs electromagnetic smog and environmental pollution.

Green Aventurine: A protector of the heart, great for sensitive little ones. It also helps to open up the lungs and provide relief for respiratory difficulties.



Ren Fernandes is a crystal jewellery creator and maker with a passion to understand how crystals work to help improve people’s lives. 

Mum of 3, Brazilian born, living in the UK for the past 18 years and making her passion come to live through her designs.


“My passion for stones started as a child, collecting, admiring and connecting with them. It used to drive my parents crazy at the time but little did I know they would become my stepping stones on the path to life discovery.


Jewellery creator, influenced by healing, consciousness, nature, creativity and the cosmos. 

My pieces are an extension of who I truly am, where I can share compassion, love, care and uplift others. 

The creating process is where my heart is. Designing, knotting, treading each gemstone and infusing them with positive intentions and affirmations. Thinking of my client and imagining the vibration each crystal will carry to them.”

Contact Details:

Email: rrfernandesuk@gmail.com 

Instagram: @rens_gems_