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Fail to Plan and You Plan to Fail

Goal setting for the year ahead.

Do you look back on 2021 with the bitter feeling of disappointment and regret for all the things you should’ve, could’ve and would’ve achieved if only you’d have been more organised? 

What do you REALLY want to do this year? What’s important to you right now? Do you want to change up your personal situation? Or maybe you want to take charge of your professional life.  

Whatever your goals and desires are for the coming year, use the following tips to help you make them become a reality.

  1. Get specific and organised with your goals. Separate your desires into the following categories
    • Financial income ( how much do you want to earn and how do you want to earn it)
    •  Relationships (who do you want in your life and how do you want to feel about them)
    •  Health (how do you want to physically look and feel)
    •  Lifestyle (what do you want to have and do? Where do you want to go)
  1. Visualise. Your mind can’t tell the difference between reality and imagination. The more you visualise your dreams and desires, the stronger your mental bonds will become. These bonds form the link to message your subconscious with instructions to transform your perceptions so you start to see synchronicities and signs from the universe that lead you to your desires. 
  2. Feel – when we flood our body with the positive emotions of feeling like we have already received our desires it strengthens the mental bonds and convinces our cells that our visions are real and so our subconscious gets to work to make our visions and feelings our truth.
  3. Plan – when, where, what, how and who. Making a plan confirms and affirms that we’re serious about what we desire. Planning sends a strong message to the subconscious and gives it instructions of how to make the dream come true. Think about and write down when you expect your goal to manifest. Where it will happen, what you need to make it happen ( do you need to learn anything or do you need specific tools for the job?) how is it going to happen and do you need anyone to help you along the way? All of these details will help you get clear and make your dreams come true.
  4. JFDI – in other words….. take ACTION! If you think the universe is going to deliver your dreams then you’re sadly mistaken and will be forever left waiting! You’ve made a plan, you know exactly what needs to happen to manifest your desires. So what are you waiting for? Action your plan and you’ll be living out your dreams before you know it! 

Sarah is a Mind, Body & Manifesting Coach 

Author of Beyond Your Beliefs and Co-Founder of Mind • Body • Manifest Online Magazine

with 25yrs experience working to help her clients overcome mental and physical pain, illness, injury and disease.  She specialises in energy release techniques to harness the power of her clients emotions and beliefs so they can transform their mindset, heal their bodies and consciously create the life they really want.

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