Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Declutter Your Space

De-cluttering can have a massive impact on all aspects of your life – including improving health, wellbeing, family relationships and finances. It will also allow you the mental clarity to focus on achieving your goals. As you pack away the Christmas decorations, January is the perfect opportunity to organise your home and de-junk all the clutter that is mentally and physically holding you back in life. If you’re struggling to know where to begin, use the following tips to get you started.

Top 5 decluttering tips:

  1. Floors 1st Surfaces 2nd – by clearing floor areas first it instantly looks like you have more space.
  2. Use containers you already have to store things ie Takeaway containers, Biscuit tins, shoeboxes
  3. Label, Label, Label
  4. Get a friend round and make it fun.
  5. Swap your coat hangers to velvet non-slip ones. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes!

I’m Janine McDonald and I’m passionate about helping people to transform their lives. I can help you bring calm to the chaos, free up your time and improve your quality of life. Together, we can work out what’s holding you back and help you to move forwards in a manageable, positive and confident way. My mantra is ‘Clear home, Clear head, Clear heart.’

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