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How to beat Procrastination And Achieve your Business Goals


That is the name Aristotle gave to “procrastination” back in Ancient Greece.

It literally means “The State of Acting Against Your Better Judgement”.

Every time you procrastinate you are sabotaging your own chance of success.

Every step forward you don’t take, creates a gap in between you and your goals.

The truth is, if you really want to succeed, there is NO room for you to act against your better judgement. There is NO space for you to say you will write that email, schedule all your Instagram content, create a sales funnel and then break that promise to yourself.

When you read the title of this article, what is the number one thing that came to your mind?

Yes, that one you are focusing your thoughts on right now.



(Come back and keep reading after you do it).

Here is tip number one: The easiest way to beat procrastination is do what you can do now, NOW, and don’t wait until later.

 If you are still reading and you haven’t completed your task, you haven’t understood a single word of what I’ve just said. You cannot allow yourself to procrastinate when you have a set goal and you are truly committed to achieving it.

I will let you in a secret: being an entrepreneur is not all fun and games as many coaches show you on the Ads that you see while you are scrolling and wasting your time on social media. Being an entrepreneur is hard. It means you will have to commit to being your own motivator, your own mindset guru, your own vision. And sure, you must hire mentors to show you the way, but you NEED TO put in the work. Every time you procrastinate, you are making it harder on your success.

Do you have a goal?

I am sure you do.

Is it specific enough for you to make sure you get that goal achieved?

See; there is a BIG difference between saying “I want to make more money” and saying “I want to reach 350k a year”.

Your goals needs to be measurable. The first goal tells me that even if you earn £1 more you’ll be happy; the second goal tells me you are ready to work your pretty peach off to earn £972 a day.

And do you know what you need to do to earn £972 every day? FOCUS.

Focus is the opposite of procrastination and you can obtain it by truly dedicating yourself to your business, having a clear strategy and systems in place and most of all learning how to use your time wisely.

Create a morning routine that works for you. Tackle the tasks you don’t like (but you know you must do) first thing after you wake up. Because that is when your brain works better.

Learn to time block your whole day. Every moment needs to have a specific role to it.

Time is a gift and it is your responsibility to own it. Do not let it control you.

You have the power to achieve any goal you want.

Here’s some more tips and a recap on how to kick procrastination’s ass and tick everything off your to-do list:

Be crystal clear on what you want to achieve.

Prioritize tasks based on how important they are.

Break large and overwhelming tasks into actionable pieces.

Create a plan of action.

Remove distractions (aka turn off your phone).

Establish a routine.

Use time – management techniques.

NOTHING happens without action. Decide what you want and go and get it.

I believe in you, do you?

Lara Badiali is the Peak Performance coach for life and business.

She is an expert at helping you master the effect of the mind in your business.

Her motto is simple: there is no freedom without structure. In her coaching business she combines structure and mindset towards a unique goal: success. 

If you’re an online entrepreneur and want to gain control, get focused, and hit your domino goals with far less wasted time, energy, and money — while being passionately excited about your business and life and being in flow and aligned with yourself —then Lara is the woman for you!

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