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Starting Fresh after 50

In about my mid-50s, having lived all my life in Sub-Saharan Africa, I started to wonder about whether or not I wanted to live there for the rest of it. 

We were living in Johannesburg at the time, I had a consultancy business in Adult Education and Training, my husband was quite happy, we had paid off our house, the cars, the holiday timeshare, and really were just gearing up for retirement.

Crime in Africa had always been a concern for me, and in my late 50s it just started to feel overwhelming – I felt like I was living in a constant state of fear simmering just under the surface – would my husband return safely every day from work? Would my grown-up sons be safe, as they drove on notoriously dangerous roads, at night, to parties?

At about the same time I got introduced to an energy healer, and started working with her to clear up issues from my childhood. The results were so startling and empowering that I became interested in what she was doing and wondered if I could do it too – to help my family, my friends – and myself.

When I was 59 we sold everything, and hopped on a plane to the UK, leaving behind one son, all our friends, several rooms full of possessions and furniture, our cars, our home of 27 years. We took the dog and some boxes with photos in, kitchenware, and bedding.

This was a huge, frightening step into the unknown for both my husband and me. Looking back now, I think we were incredibly brave and optimistic, but at the time we were just taking one step, followed by another.

I am now an accredited energy healer, working from home for the last two years, having initially got a job in corporate Training and Development when we first arrived in the UK. I started my energy healing training and qualifications when still living in Johannesburg, and completed them here in the UK.

We live in Leeds, in a green suburb, close to magical wooded walks and a bridle path. Our lives couldn’t be more different, on the surface. What has remained are strong bonds between my husband and me, the belief that we are a team, and an optimistic outlook. What has changed – I am an energy healer, no longer working with corporate Training and Development. I believe I have found my path, my life purpose, and am focused and joyful in my work. I’ve written a book, I’ve written learning material to help other healers, I’ve learnt and grown so much! I’m doing things I hardly dreamed possible!

My husband is semi-retired, we are in the process of starting so many things again – making friends, buying a property, putting down roots.

I honestly believe it’s never too late to start again, that you can transform from where you are currently, into the place where you’re living the dream. It’s just one day, one step, at a time. I look back now – four years+ from when we moved to Leeds, and I am so very grateful and happy that we took a chance. I would hate to look back, at the end of my life, and regret the things I didn’t do, because I was too sacred.

Who knows what’s on the horison – more development and transformation challenges, hopefully!

Gen is a former Zimbabwean living in West Yorkshire with her husband and dog. She enjoys the beauty of the English countryside and of being able to tramp around taking in scenic walks and beautiful surroundings.

She has been doing energy healing since 2015, primarily using The Emotion Code and The Body Code, both of which she is qualified in. She helps people all around the world with physical, emotional and mental illness and disease – facilitating their shifting from pain to peace, from chaos to calm – whatever that looks like to them. She loves the challenge of figuring out tough issues that no doctor seems to be able to budge.

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