Monday, April 22, 2024

Do You WANT to Start Exercising?

Now I could answer this with phrases, such as ‘you just need to suck it up’, ‘get on with it’, ‘just do it’, ‘count to 1,2,3,4 and 5 and just start’. However I feel really strongly that in doing so, would make you think Ok, I’ve been guilted into doing it, I’m off to do some exercise now, and then you wouldn’t do it again. So it wouldn’t achieve anything. It wouldn’t change anything. It would just reinforce the negativity we see relating to exercise. 


So instead I want to answer it like this, and I hope it makes you think, and question things and actually enables you to make some lifestyle changes that will last, and benefit you to get Fitter, Happier and Healthier.


For me, as a Personal Trainer for 6 years, and Coaching experience in Martial arts for 20 years reading that sentence, and a mum with 3 children, I immediately get a negative feeling. Exercise is portrayed by so many as a negative need, something we must do, and just do it even if you don’t want to. 

When in fact, it is essential, especially if you wish to be Fitter, Healthier and a Happier you. However we have the control now, it should absolutely wholeheartedly be enjoyed. We should stop focusing on it needing to be done, rather on the enjoyment of doing it and the enjoyment of having done it. Acknowledging the amazing benefits it gives back to you mentally and physically. That we have the control to decide what exercise we do and when we do it, so we can enjoy it.


Many of us get this negative feeling from memories of having been a child, and hating PE lessons, I on the other hand loved PE lessons. Those memories have become our cornerstones of knowledge to enhance these beliefs into adulthood. If you didn’t enjoy PE, you believe now as an adult it is going to be hard, boring, and the same as when you were a school child in the sports hall. Where as if you loved exercise, I hope that love followed you through and is still there.


That negative view and belief on exercising needs addressing. If we understand nowadays there are so many different types of exercise, you can still do football, netball, hockey, rugby, tennis and badminton that you remember from school, yet there are so so many more. Even if you didn’t enjoy it or weren’t very good, that isn’t to say that now will be the same. 


Exercise needs to be enjoyed, At my Fitness Studio in Lincolnshire I offer Personal Training, Fit Club, Rebounding (mini trampolines), Skipping, Hula hooping, Bumball (balls seen during pregnancy), and am looking to offer Boxercise as clients have asked for it. Many Gym and studio owners will be happy to accommodate you if you let them know there is a market for it. 


So now looking at the part of the sentence ‘When you need to exercise’, start seeing the benefits exercise brings. The benefits it brings to your whole day, your whole week, your whole life, your families as you get Fitter, Happier and Healthier. If you’re going to a class, the social aspects of seeing friends, making friends especially after the last few years that we have all endured. The social gatherings that will take place due to your connection with these fitness classes. The fun you can have at these classes with these new friends. The benefits of getting Fit, Happy and Healthy. How exercise releases endorphins, the happy hormones into our bodies. Exercise can aid in memory function, it can be quite taxing performing an exercise, regulating your breathing, holding a weight, moving and coordinating all at the same time. These actions strengthen your mind, body and soul inclusively. . Exercising can aid in weight loss, protect against diseases mentally and physically. Exercise promotes a happier mood, a better sleep quality, reduces the feelings of depression and anxiety. Exercise gives so much to us, why do we see it so negatively and that is because it is hard work. As a society we see hard work as negative. It really isn’t. Exercise is amazing for all these different reasons, and we need to take that from it, and see all that we can gain. We need to feel the excitement, the buzz, the joy and laughter we can have during exercise and after. Even that fall on the floor, knackered, sweaty joyous feeling of having achieved, succeeded, survived another beasting. The smile it brings to our faces, as we finish and look forward to next time. 


We need to see how time out from family and life can build our self worth, our self belief. How exercising and learning to love your body can all help improve how you hold yourself, perform your daily tasks, and therefore be more confident within yourself. I have previously discussed confidence and whether or not Confidence does in deed exist in us or is a perceived belief that others hold of us, please feel free to check out my Blogg at Exercising works on all these aspects linked with confidence.


So The part of the sentence ‘you just don’t want to’. Why don’t you want to? With all the benefits exercise gives, with the mental gains from seeing friends, taking time out from the family, and having some time to you, how can you not want to do that? I’m a mum of 3, I love a bit of time out for me 💕


If we say “When you need to Exercise but just don’t want to’ you have already told yourself you don’t want to. You have already made it a fight, your brain has said no, He\She doesn’t want to, so I won’t bother. 


Now flip it, I want to exercise as it will help regulate my sleep. I want to go to my fitness class to see my friends. I want to exercise to get fitter. I want to exercise to release endorphins and be happier. I want to exercise for me. 


When you start to tell your brain you want to do something, all of a sudden it acknowledges you want to do it, and will pay attention to offers, and information relating to it so you can achieve your goal.


Stop seeing exercise as a negative, start seeing the positives, stop seeing it as a miserable must do to get somewhere, see the fantastic journey losing weight, getting fitter, happier and healthier can be. What an adventure you can embark upon to get to where you want to be, and enjoy every single day of it, take pleasure in it, enjoy the memories you make, otherwise you will miss out on so much being so negative about exercise, when it can be so much fun, if you let it, find something you love and enjoy, and smash those goals.


If you need to exercise in your home for whatever reasons, fear, anxiety, not ready to go to a class, family commitments, there are loads you can do. Make challenges with the family, use the stairs, honestly run up and down, I bet even 30 secs will have you panting, then try that 3 times a week, and build it up each week. Squat whilst your waiting for the kettle to boil, lunge around the house. Dance to music, if no one is watching who cares, and well if they are I love to jig and dance silly moves even more when my children are watching and feel all embarrassed, it’s hilarious 😂 


So flip the sentence and say


I am going to Exercise for all the good it gives me.

I am going to Exercise for me, as it helps me sleep.

I am going to Exercise because it makes me smile.

I am going to Exercise as I get to see my friends.


Say it enough times and it will replace the negative words you have said so many times over the years to yourself. 🥰

My approach is to make fitness fun, to involve my children, as my family are my life. I want my children to learn from me that fitness is fun, enjoyable, sociable and see all the benefits they can get from exercise. 

I believe in encompassing mind, body and soul within your fitness journey. You need to make healthy choices, which fit into your lifestyle. They need to be manageable, and you need an understanding with them to enable you to continue them and learn, not just be dictated to.

If you want to learn more about how to get Fit, Happy and Healthy whilst having fun around your lifestyle then get in touch. I teach face to face or online, and have a fantastic online membership where we motivate, encourage, inspire and get fit, happy and healthy whilst having fun 💪🤩

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