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Self Healing in 7 Days

Sick & Tired of Feeling Sick & Tired?

​I get it, I was you…. longing to feel fit and healthy, wishing I had the energy and motivation to live life to the full. Instead of feeling sick and tired and stuck on the couch

I’ve been there.

In Agony with a chronic back condition requiring surgery. With a very active and inquisitive 2yr old and a newborn baby I was exhausted. Living from one donut to the next just to keep me going.

Physically, emotionally and mentally I was spent. (not to mention being financially spent after paying out over £2000 at the Chiropractors to eventually be told there was nothing they could do!)

I had nothing left.

At my worst I started self harming, I was in such a stressed state, physically, mentally and emotionally through all the pain, that I felt totally out of control. luckily, I had the self awareness to know what was happening to me so I stepped back from my situation and took a long hard look at my life.

I had to ask myself…….What was really going on to cause such physical pain and emotional stress in my life?

Using my training and years of experience as a physical and emotional therapist it was soon very clear exactly what was going on in my mind and body to cause such pain.

Firstly it all started with some serious emotional issues I had going on relating to both the past and present. This was causing my back pain and subsequent nerve damage. The back pain caused severe sleep deprivation which in turn caused me to crave sugar and caffeine just to get through the day.

Before I knew it I was 3 stone heavier!

So there I was…. fat, tired, sick, depressed, in pain, unmotivated and addicted to sugar and caffeine.

Luckily for me I had a way out of it all. I had the knowledge and know how to quickly change my mental and physical states for the better. So…….. I used my nutritional knowledge to develop an anti inflammatory miracle elixir that had me pain free and able to move in 7 Days! ( I couldn’t even stand or bare my own weight, let alone bend over before i started taking it)

I developed a plan to nourish my mind and body systems. Meaning my mood elevated, my blood sugar stabilised and I no longer craved sugar. An inclusive plan that meant I didn’t have to deprive myself – there’s nothing worse than the feeling of being on a diet. Having to restrict and deny yourself is counter productive and just makes you feel worse – This is the reason diets don’t work!

Weight loss and health come naturally when the mind and body are in balance

Your Body doesn’t want to be in pain, It doesn’t want to be overweight.
The body is self healing and self maintaining when its given the right environment
​I knew I had to balance my Mind, Body and Emotions so my body would be able to heal itself. 

I’m now completely pain free.  I feel strong and stable, mentally, physically and emotionally.  With this firm foundation of health,  I’m now able to consciously create the life I really want….. 

Sarah is a Mind, Body & Manifesting Coach 

Author of Beyond Your Beliefs and Co-Founder of Mind • Body • Manifest Online Magazine

with 25yrs experience working to help her clients overcome mental and physical pain, illness, injury and disease.  She specialises in energy release techniques to harness the power of her clients emotions and beliefs so they can transform their mindset, heal their bodies and consciously create the life they really want.

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