Tuesday, June 18, 2024

National Hugging Day

Hugging is such a natural gesture that we don’t practice enough these days (especially in the last couple of years). We can get so much from a hug, a way to convey affections and emotions. 

Whether you hug a family member or a stranger, the mental and physical health benefits are the same. From the day we are born, hugs or touch improve our sleep. Hugging, like cuddling, releases oxytocin. On its own, this hormone provides tremendous health benefits. Not only does it gives us feel-good hormones, but it reduces pain. Receiving a hug helps reduce stress, lowers blood pressure, and lowers the risk of heart disease. It also eases anxiety.

Kevin Zaborney is credited with coming up with the idea of National Hugging Day in 1986 in Michigan, USA but is now observed in many countries around the world.


So why not give a loved one an extra hug today!


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