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Girl, You’re a Queen: Your guide to helping you rediscover and get to know your innate value and worth

Girl, You’re a Queen is a self-help book for healing heartbreak through the archetype of the tarot cards. It seamlessly blends together the physical and metaphysical aspects of healing from a breakup in order to empower women to become the High Priestess of their own lives. This book focuses on a woman’s innate worth as a queen of her own life and is designed to assist women in re-building their lives after heartbreak and emotional abuse. Touching upon meditative practices, psychological theories and spiritual guidance, Girl, You’re a Queen, hands the power back to the reader in a practical way with the use of journal prompts, humor and a different perspective on what it means to be whole. There is no right way of doing things when it comes to healing-this book serves to remind the reader about the power of choice, the power of thought and the power that has always existed within.

Natalie is a Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioner. She is also a Quantum Reiki Master, certified EFT and Ho’oponopono practitioner, 200-hour certified yoga teacher, and has an extensive background in psychology, with special emphasis on how trauma impacts the mind, body, and soul. Before that, Natalie was someone who struggled with finding her rightful place in this world, and she spent many years unlearning much of her own deeply embedded trauma. She currently lives in Minnesota with her cat, Lucy, and her daughter, Felicity; she greatly enjoys helping others find healing through “alternative” methods by writing pieces that get the reader thinking differently about what’s possible. This is Natalie’s first book. You can learn more about her at

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