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Top Tips For Your Pelvic Floor

Why do you think you leak pee? What’s the first thing that comes to mind…for many they believe they have a weak pelvic floor (too lax/hypotonic). Whilst this is true for some, others on the other hand may show the same symptoms (leak pee) but have an overactive pelvic floor (too tight/hypertonic). The aim is to strengthen and load for an over relaxed pelvic floor (hypotonic) and lengthen and release for an over tight pelvic floor (hypertonic). The goal is to train the pelvic floor to respond to our movements. 

Here are my suggested exercises below, it’s always recommended you see a pelvic floor therapist post birth and prior to starting any new exercise regime.


Pelvic Tilt – Stood, all fours or seated on a Fitball.

Stand feet hip width apart, knees soft.

Ensure your spine is in a neutral position

Place the heel of your hand on your hip bones with your fingers pointing towards your public bone. Your (hand) heels should be stacked above your fingers.

Tuck your buttocks under,  moving your public bone up towards your belly button. You want to see your fingers move in front of your (hand) heels. Exhale as you move through this movement.

Inhale whilst untucking the buttocks back to the starting position.

Repeat as desired.


Deep Squat

Stand with feet slightly wider than hip width apart

Feet turned out at 90deg

Inhale as you lower your buttocks towards the floor, bending at your knees.

Exhale as you rise out of the squat, think about keeping your weight into your heels.

Repeat the movement as desired.




Child’s Pose 

Knee down on the floor, knees hip-width apart.

Lower your buttocks to your heels

Place your hands into your thighs.

Lower your upper body towards the floor.

Extend your arms out above your head, resting the palm of your hands on the floor.

Lower your forehead to rest on the floor.

Rest in this position for as long as desired.


Lying Adductor Stretch – 

Lie with your back on the floor, 

Bend your legs keeping your feet flat to the floor.

Let your knees fall out to the side to a relaxed position (your feet will move sole to sole)

If your legs feel tense, use pillows or yoga blocks and place them underneath your legs. This item will connect with your legs and floor.

Relax in this position for as long as desired


How do I get rid of my mummy tummy is a question I get asked a lot. In addition to the above pelvic floor exercises and connecting with your deep core, nutrition falls high on the list. Here are my tops 3 tips:

Improve your Hydration right AWAY!  Ideally, you should be drinking at least 2-3 litres of water a day. Bottled or filtered, if you can.

Bone Broth for healing! Bone Broth is so important to nourish your postnatal body. Bone broth is not only easy to make, but it’s one of the most healing foods in the world. Many people don’t realize the incredible benefits of bone broth and what it can do for our bodies. Get Moving Increasing your daily activity is the main thing – this could be anything from daily walks, stairclimbs at home, low impact HIIT, resistance training, find a class in-person or online or work one to one with a trainer for additional support.

Sharon is a personal trainer and movement teacher who specialises in women with core and pelvic floor issues. Things like leek pee, mummy tummy and such. Her expertise includes working with pregnant women and new mums.

Sharon who co-authored the number one bestseller The Warrior Wellbeing Toolkit, covering the topic of self-identity and its role in mental health for women. Her contribution to the book centers on Perinatal Mental Health – the period during pregnancy and the first year after birth. She has featured on BBC Radio Leeds, The Yorkshire Times, Family First and BBC Look North.

She has spent two decades working in the fitness industry, gaining qualifications along the way, most recently becoming a Certified Restore Your Core® teacher, Body Ready Method and currently in progress with the Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification.


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