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Age is not an acceptable excuse for not doing something!

Have you ever said to yourself “I am too old to….”

“If I was younger I would …”

“When I was your age I wanted to … but I am too old now!”

I know I have said these things on more than one occasion and if you are over 40 (maybe even younger) I bet you have too!

At what age do you start to be ‘too old’?

What happens that makes you believe that your age actually gives you an excuse for not being happy or for not doing something new?

I used to think that I was way too old to start a new business; I was way too old to change my life and find happiness. But I was so wrong.

I was not too old at all; I just needed to change my mindset.

I already had a good business, a lovely home, a nice car, a family I adored but I was still not happy.

I spent years wishing I could do something different with my life, wishing I could change my career and find a better way to make a living.

I used to tell myself that I was too old to start again, all the skills I had were no longer relevant, I mean what could I do that a younger person could not do so much better?

I was missing out on so much happiness.

I was wasting even more years of my life dwelling on my age instead of focusing on the fact that with age comes experience.

Experience is something that you cannot buy, it is something that you have to earn and boy have I earned it!

When I finally realised that my age did not matter, my life changed completely.

I was fed up of watching other people be happy.

I wanted so much more from my life and I was sick of making excuses.

I entered 2021 as a new person, I was no longer that person that told myself I was too old, I was no longer that person that used my age as an excuse for being miserable or for missing out on life.

I became me, a happy middle-aged entrepreneur that now lives life to the full. I found my happy place helping other middle-aged women start their own business and I honestly cannot remember the last time I told myself I was too old for anything!

How did I get there?

Lots and lots of ‘tough-love’ conversations with myself – the only person stopping you being what you want to be, is you!

Work out your purpose – what is it you want out of your life? This is tough; you have to be true to yourself

Set goals – make sure you have goals and more importantly make sure that these goals help you achieve your purpose

Journaling – spending 10-15 minutes every morning writing down how I feel and exploring some gratitude sets me up for the day

Finally, be kind to yourself, give yourself lots of love and remember you are NEVER too old!

After 14 years in the corporate world, Emma Hine, mum to 3 grown up girls, decided it was time to create her own career path and founded an online retail business which she grew to 7 figures. 

15 years later, despite having a successful business, Emma still felt she was missing something in her life, she felt a little lost and decided she needed to channel her passion to help others gain the same success. That is why she set up Middle-aged Entrepreneurs, where she helps middle aged females, lacking in confidence, to set up and grow a business by giving them all the skills and knowledge they need to become successful entrepreneurs and find their own version of happiness.

In her free time Emma can often be found in the pub with a nice glass of Chardonnay or better still in a bar on the beach with a cocktail in her hand.

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