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Help Your Body to Heal with Self-Love

When was the last time you thanked your body?  Actually, have you ever thanked your body? 


It works tirelessly for you, every moment of your life and yet the majority of us just moan and complain that it doesn’t look the way we want it to, or because it hurts and can’t do all the things it used to do.


You hear it screaming out in pain and discomfort, suffering from illness and disease, It wants to heal but do you listen to its cries for help? It’s begging you to stop and change your ways, to take notice of your life.

All the pain, all the illness, the chronic diseases… they are all just a call for love.


Your body loves you unconditionally, It will do anything to protect you but sometimes that means causing you pain and disease because that’s the only way to get your attention. Your body needs you to love it back and listen to its cries for help.


Physical and mental pain is just a symptom of emotional dis-ease …. it’s that simple.  when your doctor tells you you’re stressed, its all in your head, they’re right.  Stress is an umbrella term for the emotions we feel in response to our life experiences.

Emotions are just energy in motion, they are the link between your thoughts and your physical actions or reactions….


Energy needs to flow through the body. When we suppress our emotions we are blocking this flow, meaning the energy stagnates and builds up.  When the body becomes overloaded with this excess energy it needs to find a release or transmutation by way of injury and disease.


Whether your suffering from mental illness such as anxiety or depression or a chronic Illness like fibromyalgia, MS, ME, arthritis or cancer, your body is holding onto an excess of suppressed emotional energy. 


Your body is self healing and self maintaining – Structure governs function…you are designed to survive! But you have to work WITH your body not against it.



Use the following advice to start loving your body and help it to heal.


Become aware of your mental and physical environments both internally and externally.  


Everything adapts to its environment. This includes you and the cells inside you!

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Your thoughts create the energetic environment that surrounds your cells.  The frequency of your thoughts determines what message the cell receives so make your thoughts positive and think healthy thoughts!


What do you physically surround yourself with and what do you eat? Are you feeding your mind and body with good, positive sources of energy?


Make this your evening routine


Mindfulness – Stop and be still.  Sit or lay down, close your eyes and bring your attention to your body.  What do you feel? Is it pain?, tension? Discomfort? Ask yourself why is it there? 

With one hand on your heart and the other on your body pain, send gratitude and thanks to your body for the message.  

Visualise loving energy going to your body part and thank your body systems and organs for everything they do for you. 

Smile your biggest smile as you flood your body with feelings of love, health and vitality.  

Imagine yourself as the best ever version of you.  Now forgive yourself for your past thoughts and actions.


When you change your self beliefs, you will change your thoughts which in turn will change your actions and habits leading to a changed reality.


“A life of Health, Wealth & Happiness are Waiting for you, Beyond your Beliefs”

Sarah is a Mind, Body & Manifesting Mentor 

Author of Beyond Your Beliefs and Co-Founder of Mind • Body • Manifest Online Magazine

with 25yrs experience working to help her clients overcome mental and physical pain, illness, injury and disease.  She specialises in energy release techniques to harness the power of her clients emotions and beliefs so they can transform their mindset, heal their bodies and consciously create the life they really want.

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