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Card of the Month

Blue Moon

The blue moon occurs when there are four full moons in a season. This is marked from equinox to solstice and solstice to equinox. There are normally three full moons between each. If four full moons occur it is the third which is the blue moon. It is also become common to call any second full moon in a month a blue moon; although this is not the true meaning.

They keywords for the full moon phase are:

Rare Chance – A one off or once in a life time opportunity .

Believe – This is a time when those big dreams and goals, the ones that seem too much can occur or a big leap forward towards them. It is a time to believe they can happen.

Celebration – It is a time to rejoice in your feminine divinity, the feminine energy that flows. For even in the darkest of times, through the times of shadows the moon always shines full again. Take this knowledge and power into your energy to see you through times of shadow.

Balance – A time to rebalance that which tips you out of the centred self.

Rejuvenation – It is now that we use the fullness of the moons power to recharge and rejuvenate. Place crystals on window sills or out in her light giving them the opportunity to charge back up to their potency. Take a moon bath and rejuvenate your energy. Charge some moon water to harness the power through the lunar month.

Release – The time of a full moon is about forgiveness; a blue moon goes a level deeper asking you to release the old stories or safety nets that no longer serve you and holds you back from leaping on this rare opportunity.

I hope you enjoy the energy of this card and spend a few moments meditating on the image. Focus on how it makes you feel. Place your hands on your womb space; the second chakra and allow yourself to fill with trust in yourself. Finish by raising your arms to Mother Moon. Remember it does not have to be a blue or even full moon, you are harnessing the energy of the card.

The next true blue moon is 19/20 August 2024

The next second full moon in a month is 30/31 August 2023

2022 does not have any blue moons.

Cards Mantra: I Trust Myself To The Impossible


Blue Moon Magick

Goddess Magick

 What You Will Need

  • A goddess image – this can be one you work with, a googled one or the Empress card from a tarot deck.
  • Freshly picked seasonal flowers – preferably picked by yourself from your garden
  • A white candle or tea light
  • Purifying incense. For example lavender, sage, sandalwood, frankincense, Palo Santo

Please these items on your sacred space or create an altar space with them. Light your candle and incense. Say words to call in balance, grace, belief & opportunity. The words below are an example from one of my rituals but creating your own, infused with your personal intentions and energy works best. You can use mine as a guideline or until you feel confident to create your own.

“Goddess I call to you to bring balance, grace, belief and opportunity to my Self;

Upon this blue moon I release the obstacles that stand in my way;

I reach down to Gaia, Mother Earth to ground and balance in my desires;

I am rejuvenated for the next lunar cycle and clearly see the opportunity presented to me.

So Be It, So It Is (replace with what feels right for you)”

This card is part of The Wheel Turns, The Planets Move, The Moon Shines Oracle Deck which is in the process of becoming.

Nixie Foster is an artist, author, way-shower and moon witch. Her passion is to empower soul-centred mamas to be in their truth so they love mamahood as much as their babies.


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