Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Numerology for April 2022

2022 in Numerology has the energy of the 6, the whole 12 months is dedicated to relationships, family, and the home; in addition, we have the Repeated 2’s in the year number and the 0 which amplifies everything about the 2; intuitive, understanding, balance, co-operation.

This will be a year of ‘WE’ not ‘ME’ and we will be encouraged throughout the year to see things from others perceptions.

April’s Spring energy has the energy of the 1, The Independent Leader. Think fresh starts and innovation. You may find yourself stepping into your individuality more, possibly leading the way with new projects. As we blend that with the Universal Energy 6, you may find new friendships forming, considering house moves and for some new family members. 
I would love to hear from you if any of these things happen or if you have a question about Numerology so I can answer it next month 

About Sharon Crowley 
Advanced Numerologist and Certified Soul Coach Oracle Card Reader

Sharon is mum to 2 and a FT carer to Ellie, her daughter who has Down Syndrome. 
In the last 12months Sharon has opened up to her spiritual journey when she had her own Numerology Reading 
Published Author, Award Winner, Guest Speaker; Sharon has always loved helping others and now has found she can with a more guided approach to ensure everyone can see their true potential to success. 


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