Monday, April 22, 2024

Numerology for February 2022

2022 – the year has started and have you noticed the shift in the energy already? 

From the chaotic 2021 which had the Universal Energy of a 5 – change we have now entered a magical year, not only because of the amplified 2 energy but it also adds up to the number 6, which is the energy of The Carer

First let’s start with the magic of 2022
It’s going to have a beautiful feminine energy with amplified intuition throughout and will be encouraging you to focus on balance within your life.

This year’s energy theme is all about family, home, and balance. You will find yourself throughout the year reaching out to people you haven’t seen for a while and looking at ways of improving your home both spiritually and materialistically.

6 is also a number about being of service to others and communities are going to feature in your life throughout the year.

Now let’s turn to February which is Universally the energy of 8; The Manifester

Think personal power, finances and career. However, blended with the Universal year 6 this will be giving finances rather than receiving. Personal power will be finding that balance between nurturing others and topping your own cup up and careers that help others will bloom this month.

Look forward to seeing you next month to see what March has in store for us all. 

About Sharon Crowley 
Advanced Numerologist and Certified Soul Coach Oracle Card Reader

Sharon is mum to 2 and a FT carer to Ellie, her daughter who has Down Syndrome. 
In the last 12months Sharon has opened up to her spiritual journey when she had her own Numerology Reading 
Published Author, Award Winner, Guest Speaker; Sharon has always loved helping others and now has found she can with a more guided approach to ensure everyone can see their true potential to success. 


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