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What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing has been practised for thousands of years and almost every culture includes some form of energy healing in their spiritual and wellness toolbox. Energy healing is one more way of connecting with the cosmos and the oneness. It’s a way of accessing pure, universal love and healing energy. Does this all sound a little woo to you and maybe a little bit too much on the “love and light” bandwagon? Well, you wouldn’t be alone. Here’s what we know; there are now countless studies that are proving how energy healing works. If your scientific mind wants to know, check out the links at the end of this article. Ok, enough about that. Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts and how energy healing can help you today!

Energy healing is about your intention. You are calling in this pure, holy love for healing and support. Taking even 5 minutes to so this practice will improve your well-being. A few rules before we start.
1) Everyone can do energy healing. It’s not complicated and doesn’t require a secret handshake or fancy formula.
2) Only do energy healing on yourself. We don’t walk into people’s homes and rearrange the furniture so; we certainly don’t pop into someone’s energy and start mucking about. (And don’t let anyone tell you “I got permission from their soul” If they are alive, you should ask them personally for permission!)
3) Always approach your energy healing practice with Harmlessness and Compassion for yourself and for others.

The best way to start is for you to do a grounding practice. Take a few deep breaths or imagine connecting and rooting yourself to the earth. Some people will diffuse some essential oils or burn herbs for smoke cleansing. All of these just prepare you for this healing and set the intention that you are ready to receive. Once you do that, say a brief prayer for yourself. Call on any spiritual guides, ancestors and any other loving light being to be present and support you as you do this work. Be sure to include the phrase “only good healing in a good way” as this is an easy way to activate the field with harmlessness and compassion. You can be direct in asking for any healing you might need, or you can just ask for general healing. Trust your heart here. Now imagine drawing a beautiful, pure, healing energy down through your head and crown chakra and into your body. It might take on a colour, a smell or a shape. It could be raindrops, golden light or it could feel warm or cool. Trust how your healing energy shows up.
Allow this healing light to bathe your body. Imagine yourself just receiving in the right way for you. Trust your body to know exactly what is needed. You might notice some sensations on your body, or your attention might be drawn somewhere on the body. Just witness this and allow the energy to flow freely. Trust your intuition here. Whatever messages or knowings or feelings that come up should be witnessed. Let your mind wander and trust what is being revealed to you. Continue to allow the energy to flow. You will know when the time is right to complete your healing session. Once you feel your healing is complete, simply allow yourself to “disconnect” from the pure holy love energy. Take a few deep belly breaths and come back into your awareness. Notice any sensations or feelings. Sometimes there will be tears or emotions. Other times you will have a sudden revelation, or your body might feel different. Take a big drink of water. Now say a closing prayer, being sure to thank any loving light being that showed up for you in this beautiful healing state. If you are feeling spacy after this practice, just take a few moments to do your grounding practice again. And that’s it! You may want to journal how you felt or any insights you had. This is a powerful activation of your intuition and can offer amazing insights. This is a beautiful practice and something you can do daily. See how you feel and notice any changes in your sleep, your moon cycle, your mood and overall wellbeing.

Links to studies on the effectiveness of energy healing:

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