Tuesday, June 18, 2024

We are The BraVoo Tribe – 3 women (Janine McDonald, Jennie Sullivan & Becky Gilchrist) who are passionate about supporting women to raise funds Against Breast Cancer and empowering women in Africa to set up their own bra businesses to support themselves and women in their communities.


We are collecting preloved bras to support Against Breast Cancer’s bra recycling scheme to raise vital funds for pioneering breast cancer research. The same bras also help to support small businesses in Africa. Together with their recycling partners, their textile recovery project prevents these bras from going into landfills before giving them a new lease of life in developing countries such as Togo, Ghana and Kenya, where bras remain too expensive to produce locally. Successful ventures like this keep many families in developing countries out of poverty. In Africa, wearing a bra Increases women’s social standing Makes them more likely to gain employment Makes them less of a target for rape or attack meaning they have better prospects and more money to feed their children.

It also provides employment for people at home in the UK. Any bras that are genuinely beyond redemption are dismantled and disposed of properly.

Against Breast Cancer is a Registered Charity No. 1121258 So Come On And Send Us Your Bras!