Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The Age of Humanity, Community and Unity

Since December 2020 when we entered the Age of Aquarius many people will feel like they have lost their sense of direction and realise that they have been disconnected from themselves.

There was a call to return to a more human way of living. To identify with the authentic self and soul purpose. To connect to our inner wealth, to find love, joy and wisdom rather than focusing on the external.

Many will have felt this shift, wanting to connect to their intuition, having a more sensitive approach and in some cases experiencing the beginning of a conscious awakening. This age of Humanity, Community and Unity asks for a deeper understanding of the self, in life, in business, in leadership and society.

To become human, which means to love, to support and help your fellow humans. To feel safe to share your thoughts on love and compassion. Connecting to your higher self and taking notice of synchronicities and coincidences that can’t be easily explained.

Being enlightened, open and honest, speaking up and having something to say. It’s having a purpose and seeing beyond your own limitations, with no obstacles or barriers.

As people begin to question themselves, they see that our government, education system, businesses and economy are outdated for our new paradigm. It requires a new level of humanity, unity and connection that has been lost.

They are asked to create a vision by tuning into their inner world and then gathering as a collective to create a force of good, a human force, whose combined power takes the form of a movement.

There is a stillness required to change the shape, to shape shift the future. Our spirits cry out for nourishment for laughter, for love, for remembering their true purpose and wisdom.

I am becomes I am not. To define oneself by a status, a title, a role is to diminish oneself in need of recognition. All that you are is nothing, because you need nothing to be.

Those with only a bucket and spade dance a merry dance in the rain with wood, with smoke, with fire. They become happy with the stream and the handmade tools. They feed themselves with fresh plants, fresh water, no chemicals. Wear soft clothes, simple hair, no make-up, natural and soft.

Connecting back to their inner child that is innocent. Who does not question that they are loved because they feel love and they know love. Going back to the cocoon of love and connecting with themselves. Where no one any longer feels lost or disconnected, but feels the spark, the passion, the insight, the creativity.

To have rediscovered the secret to joy, happiness, contentment and that they are one with themselves. They feel guided, intuitively knowing what to do. Taking everyone by the hand to ignite in them what they have seen for themselves. For they have seen the future and there is no going back.

When the dust settles there will be those that see the world differently and seek a community to be part of. A community of change. Those that seek to understand the new world and the change that makes a better place for humans.

Louise worked in a corporate world for 25 years. After experiencing a spiritual awakening she was connected with her Native Amercian guides, who unlocked her true purpose and powerful healing tools.

She now supports senior leaders and executives to eliminate stress and fatigue, by mastering their energy and emotions, so they can be more confident, their true self and rediscover the joy in their life and leadership. She holds the definition of success without struggle and connects humans to humans and to themselves.

She is a channel for ancient wisdom and a spiritual mentor sharing this unique journey with women on a global scale.

Louise is a co-author of the book Know Your Worth Goddess. A collection of powerful stories from women around the world claiming their self worth to inspire others to reclaim theirs.

Contact details:

Website: www.stillcalm.co.uk

Email: louise@stillcalm.co.uk

Mobile: 07960 674 020