Tuesday, June 18, 2024


Numerology is an ancient system of number sin which your date of birth and full name given at birth can reveal your blue print of life. 

Understanding yourself can enable you to identify your strengths, your abilities and what your heart and soul truly desire. This in turn can help you adapt to how you overcome obstacles, reflect on why you have chosen past opportunities and identify where you will truly be happy as you go forward. 

Within Numerology you can recognise your childs gifts, connect with the house number that you live in and forecast when challenges will arise. Numbers are an universal language and the system I use is the most popular (albeit there are others), Western Numerology which is said to have been created by Pythagoras himself, the Greek mystic and mathematician more than 2500 years ago. 

In Numerology a number has the same meaning wherever it appears, and each has it’s own positives and negatives, I much prefer to focus on the positive. We all have life lessons to learn and challenges to overcome to reach our full potential and be happy, wouldn’t it be amazing to know them now. 

2021 is a Universal year 5 which means freedom and adventure. You may already be thinking that the year is flying by and it is. This year, the energy is CHANGE, a period of time when anything can happen and it usually does.

As the 5 energy also represents freedom, 2021 has been and will continue to prompt us to overcome any limiting beliefs. As we attract what we think and feel I urge you to continue to focus on the positives and the gratitude to attract new opportunities and break free from any self limiting beliefs.

About Sharon Crowley 
Advanced Numerologist and Certified Soul Coach Oracle Card Reader

Sharon is mum to 2 and a FT carer to Ellie, her daughter who has Down Syndrome. 
In the last 12months Sharon has opened up to her spiritual journey when she had her own Numerology Reading 
Published Author, Award Winner, Guest Speaker; Sharon has always loved helping others and now has found she can with a more guided approach to ensure everyone can see their true potential to success. 


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