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How to Overcome Challenges in Life to Achieve your True Greatness

As I look out the window, it’s raining, cold and dull here in the UK. One would allow this to control the way they feel deep down inside. But if you simply “change the way you look at something, what you look at changes” a quote by the late Wayne Dyer which always comes to my mind frequently. 

I say to my earthangels (7 year old Daughter and 4 year old Son) “look it’s raining abundance”, to which they now repeat this every time it rains. I always find myself smiling, how as young and innocent children are, they pick things up so quickly. And that’s where it starts from really, doesn’t it.


As children, we are preconditioned as we take on the beliefs of our parents, our relatives, even teachers and those around us the most. The repeated words we used to hear so often then entered our thoughts to form our belief system. We really didn’t know any difference and this affected all areas of our life from money, to self image, to confidence and even our own personal health and wellbeing.

Throughout Life

Growing up, we then experienced so many challenges through our personal filters and our pre-programmed beliefs from the past. This has always been the basis for so many of us, determining the job & career path we felt worthy of having, the relationship(s) we formed, our family units, our finances and of course our health.

Our own internal perceptions, our thoughts and even beliefs really do determine the way we feel, the actions we take and what we achieve in life.

Common Fears and Personal Limitations:

I’m not good enough

I’m not worthy enough

Other people are better than me

I will never succeed in life

I’m not confident enough to do….

I never have enough money

I’m always unwell

You see having these limiting beliefs, low self worth and self love can be detrimental upon your life and also affect you on an emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and psychological level. They can also impact how you are living your life and if you are really reaching your true potential.

So many people just continue living life on default, where they feel unappreciated, unfulfilled and playing small in life. Perhaps even stuck, at a crossroads, knowing there is so much more they want to be, do or have but they have no idea how to create changes in their life – towards that Dream Life where Anything is Possible!

The Tips I am about to share with you have really helped me to feel happier within myself and to gain more control over the future direction of my life. Thus, reaching my TRUE GREATNESS WHERE ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

5 Top Tips to Increase your Emotional State 

  1. Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude which will not only put you in that state of thanks and appreciation but it will also uplift your positivity and mood. This will then help you to manifest all that is in direct vibrational resonance as you. So each morning, simply state 5 things you are happy and grateful for. This can be as simple as seeing the sunlight shining through the window, your comfortable & warm bed, your eyesight, the food in your fridge and the roof over your head.

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  1. Take at least 5 minutes out of your day and sit still with your feet firmly on the ground. Close your eyes and now concentrate on your inner and outer breath. Take 10 deep breaths by breathing in through your nose for the count of 3, hold for the count of 4 and then gently exhale out for the count of 5. Whilst releasing, allow yourself to make a sound to really let go of any inner tension or resistance you may be feeling.  
  • Here, you may notice you mind chatter and that’s completely normal, allow the thoughts to come through, to pass and then anchor back onto your breath. At the end, open your eyes then follow step 3.
  1. Complete a journaling exercise. Get a pen and a notebook then allow your pen to automatically write as you connect deeper with your inner self. This really opens up your creativity and helps you to focus on what is important in your life. It also provides you with a sense of purpose and direction. Write the answers to the following: 
  • What are my Top 3 Goals in Life Right now?
  • Why do I want to achieve these? 
  • What small step can I take today towards achieving my goal(s)?
  1. The power of exercising is amazing for your overall health and wellbeing. Even going outside and walking for 20 minutes or perhaps putting some music on and dancing around your lounge will help increase the endorphins in your brain, stimulating the serotonin and oxytocin – the happy hormones, helping to make you feel better.
  2. Be around the right people who encourage your growth and support you. It’s commonly said “you are an average of the TOP 5 people you spend the most time with.” So make a list of who the top 5 people are in your life right now. Go down the list and go deep into each person – How do they really make you feel? Do they drain your energy and are actually negative to be around? Or are they uplifting and motivational? 

You get to decide who you are around the most – YES you do even your family and friends. Be around those that really want the best for you. To join a supportive network of women in an amazing community, come and join my private Facebook Group called Anything is Possible. Here, I share inspiration, motivation as well as LIVE coaching sessions and monthly healings. The link can be found  below.

So you see, you really can take back control over your life and what the future holds for you. It’s all in your perception of how you view your life experience. 

At times we may face challenges in life. Having a growth mindset and utilising the Top 5 Tips above will really help you to remain more positive as well as reaching your TRUE GREATNESS WHERE ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Sharan is an inspirer, motivator and serial manifestor, aiming to shine light everywhere she goes. As an Energetic Mindset Coach, Intuitive Healer & Manifesting Mentor,  Sharan empowers her clients to go from Mediocre to Manifesting their Most Magnificent Life Ever and Creating an Abundant Legacy.

She Integrates 20 years professional experience working in Banking with 15 years personal development experience. Being a natural psychic medium, she trained as a Reiki Healer Master & Teacher, Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner®, Licensed NLP Master Practitioner®, Infinite Possibilities Trainer® & Certified Life Coach. Now committing to intensive training to become a Strategic Interventions Coach and Positive Intelligence® Corporate Trainer.

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