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How Do Crystals Work?

A little understanding about precious gems.

Crystals have always played their part in the world, with records showing their presence in civilized communities dating back 7000 years. For their beauty, rarity or meaning, crystals keep making their presence known and are appreciated in many different cultures.

In the 21st century, although not being able to see how they work, humankind is still puzzled by it. Science classifies it as ‘alternative therapy’ but is it? Let’s look at it from a neutral point of view and get our own conclusions.

Our six senses are based on colour and vibrations and that is a fact. There are many studies available proving that without light hitting the surface of matter, reflecting its vibration to a language our body can understand, we would not be able to see or hear anything surrounding us. It’s like throwing a pebble on a quiet lake. Without the pebble hitting the lake we cant identify the moving matter of water that the lake is made of. Once, the pebble hits the surface it creates small waves, showing us the size and shape of the lake. In the vibrations case, the pebble is light and the water is matter. If you throw a pebble on the floor, it won’t create a visible vibration pattern but just because we don’t see, doesn’t mean it’s not there.                              

Dr. Masaru Emoto has done a great experiment with water, he wanted to see the effects of vibrations, to prove them. The experiment is extensive but a quick resume would be he exposed water to different pictures, sounds, plants, minerals, rocks, voices, people, different kinds of music and many more vibrational situations and he froze the water to analyse the atoms under microscope view. Guess what? every single sample of water reacted differently to every subject it was exposed to. Now, quick biology question again… whats the human body mainly made of?

Do check his experiment out, as it’s very interesting and enlightening.

 If we can understand that all matter in the world are originally made of energy, and energy contains vibrations to which biology reacts to, we will have to agree our body matter reacts to different items exposed around us.

And here is where crystals come in. Crystals hold their own vibrations, they have their own wave which creates a reaction to every other wave they encounter. When we use the principle that crystals are a natural occurrence and so are humans being, the interaction between both are quite strongly connect.  For biological life, vibrations are key to reach growth. When we observe plants, we find that depending on what environment the plant is in, different potential is reached. Some plants will grow strong and healthy, some will stay small and weak and the difference between them is environment, which again is made of vibrations.

Let’s use an imagination exercise to try and put it into a more palpable understanding. Let’s create an a4 blank page in our minds and put multiple different colour dots, no matter the sequence, covering the whole page. Basically, we are creating a spotty colourful painting design, from white (the absence of colour) to black (all colours in one).  You as the owner of the painting can pick and choose which colour to pay attention to, to look at. If we translate this exercise into vibrations and imagine the a4 covered in different feelings (love, compassion, anger, anxiety, care, passion, self-love and so on) then we can choose which feeling to pay attention to, giving it more important than others. Now imagine that behind the a4 there’s a background of one of the colours on the paper. Does that make the same colour from the background stand out on the paper? That’s exactly how vibrations work. We have this amazing blank page, ready to be filled with every single emotion there’s to feel in the whole world. All emotions are important, as without one we wouldn’t value the other. And now, in the background we can choose which emotion to use to our creative a4 page, making the emotion on the paper stand out more from the others.  And here is where crystals will support you in your choices of vibration. The crystal is the background that helps your attention and connection to stay focused on the vibration or feeling you want to achieve. Amongst all emotions, if I would like to connect to more love and more compassion, then i need to dim the light of every other vibration. The connection between myself and the emotion desired will be stronger and clearer with the crystal holding that same vibration close to me.

So any change you desire in your life will always start inside of you and crystals are your support to stay in the path of your choice, to guide your body on how to vibrate. Once the vibration aligns, it will bring genuine feelings, which in turn, will alter your perception.

If you could choose today, one vibration to keep close to you, what would it be?

Ren Fernandes is a crystal jewellery creator and maker with a passion to understand how crystals work to help improve people’s lives. 

Mum of 3, Brazilian born, living in the UK for the past 18 years and making her passion come to live through her designs.


“My passion for stones started as a child, collecting, admiring and connecting with them. It used to drive my parents crazy at the time but little did I know they would become my stepping stones on the path to life discovery.


Jewellery creator, influenced by healing, consciousness, nature, creativity and the cosmos. 

My pieces are an extension of who I truly am, where I can share compassion, love, care and uplift others. 

The creating process is where my heart is. Designing, knotting, treading each gemstone and infusing them with positive intentions and affirmations. Thinking of my client and imagining the vibration each crystal will carry to them.”

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