Monday, May 20, 2024

As clear as Clear Quartz

Clear quartz has the street name of Master Healer. Yep, it does exactly that. 

The word Quartz comes from the Greek “ice”, it was believed quartz was a type of ice that was so cold it never melted. It has been associated with dragons over the years, the saying was the stone was the breath of a dragon. 

But regardless of what history can tell us, the power of the clear stone is undeniable. Have you ever felt muddled? Unclear of which path to follow or where you stand? Clear Quartz comes in right there, helping to clear the mind. A powerful colourless crystal, creating a clear path to healing in all aspects. 

The power of this crystal is strong for anyone looking into setting and achieving new goals. By clearing the noise from the outside world, it supports you in creating the unique vision for your life and most importantly, how to manifest it. 

As clear quartz works raising your vibration, it opens the doors for the positivity flow to come in, enhancing your life and helping you stay in the path of your true being, with conscious decisions about your goals. 

On top of its own properties, Clear Quartz has the ability to boost other crystals it’s placed with. It works as an energetic magnifying glass, carrying out the other crystal vibration with it, creating a stronger and bigger reach. 

A must have to every collection. 

A daily companion for every day. 

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Ren Fernandes is a crystal jewellery creator and maker with a passion to understand how crystals work to help improve people’s lives. 

Mum of 3, Brazilian born, living in the UK for the past 18 years and making her passion come to live through her designs.


“My passion for stones started as a child, collecting, admiring and connecting with them. It used to drive my parents crazy at the time but little did I know they would become my stepping stones on the path to life discovery.


Jewellery creator, influenced by healing, consciousness, nature, creativity and the cosmos. 

My pieces are an extension of who I truly am, where I can share compassion, love, care and uplift others. 

The creating process is where my heart is. Designing, knotting, treading each gemstone and infusing them with positive intentions and affirmations. Thinking of my client and imagining the vibration each crystal will carry to them.”

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Instagram: @rens_gems_