Monday, April 22, 2024

Card of the Month


It’s time to let go. It’s time to release all that negativity. Yule coming is all about letting go, setting your intentions for the year to come. So that your magic, yourself, you blooms, blossoms and takes that through to the year to come.

This period of time as we approach Yule, Mid-winter, Winter Solstice is a time for bunkering down, wrapping up, for working on the Shadows. The 12 days begin on 20th & finish on 31st December. All the traditions at this time is about family and community and remembering ancestors and some great loving self-care.


The  keywords for the Yule are:

The Still  Silence – An opportunity to reconnect with your own soul.

Letting Go – Releasing that which didn’t serve you or no longer serves you.

Transcendence – A point in the year where you can experience connection with source and ancestral energy.

Forgiveness – To truly let go you must first forgive. This allows you to reclaim your power.

Peace – Enjoy the peace within from the shadow work and reflection. A time to just be.

Rest & Reflection – Time to go within seeking the quiet and warmth. To pass on through storytelling and reflection of the year gone by. To come together,

Rebirth & Renewal – A time to use this wheels turn to lay the foundations for the new birth growth in spring and enter the new calendar year with renewed enthusiasm, passion and energy.

I hope you enjoy the energy of this card and spend a few moments meditating on the image. Just as Yule sit on the pivotal point of the year when darkness give birth to light so this card brings hope, stillness, a womb space to plant the seed of life in the still and darkness, the wisdom found in the shadows; all under the promise of warmth and growth. A new cycle, a new beginning.

Cards Mantra: In stillness and the dark new birth begins.


Night of the Yule Log

Traditionally the 21st is midwinter and winter solstice usually falls on this day. However, due to how our calendar year is out with lunar and solar years it can occur on the 22nd or the 23rd. I tend to keep my traditions flowing year-to-year and keeping the same day (21st). It is when we mark the shortest day and the longest night. It is when we look for protection from that long dark night.

It is when it’s important to get out as much as you can whilst the sun is up, whilst the sun is present.

It is when we begin to look in that shadow work to spiral inwards to find the light of protection within ourselves so that we do not fear the shadows.

It is the night of the Yule log.

This log was burnt the length of the night of the darkest longest night of the year. It was relied upon to give protection from predators from spirits and anything that was harmful in intention. It was a time when families, communities, tribes came together. A time off togetherness. Now most of us do not have a fire or hearth that we can burn on log on and be together as a family.

I decorate my Yule log every year with pine cones and berries and holly and anything that is seasonal anything bringing life, giving life. I add candles to represent the burning. I don’t leave that log unattended. One for the safety of candles and setting fire to my whole home but two for carrying on that tradition. Then when the weather is suitable will take that log outside and burn it in my barbecue or my log burner and keep those ashes for protection. You can place them across your entrance way to your home to prevent anything that doesn’t serve you from entering.

Enjoy decorating,, collecting, & foraging for your Yule log and stay safe.

Nixie Foster is an artist, author, way-shower and moon witch. Her passion is to empower soul-centred mamas to be in their truth so they love mamahood as much as their babies.