Monday, May 20, 2024

Card of the Month

Full Moon

The full moon marks the midpoint of the moons cycle. It is a time to release and refill. A time when we spiral in to forgive and out to fill up with gratitude. It is a time to bath in the power of Luna’s light shining full, bright and pregnant in sky above. It is a time of cleansing, recharging  and empowerment.

They keywords for the full moon phase are:

Power – The moon has reached its climax giving full power to feminine divinity.

Psychic Abilities – The moon is shining its full power and illuminating the veil between the realms. Use this enhancement to practice, attune and grow your psychic connections and abilities.

Celebration – It is a time to rejoice in your feminine divinity, the feminine energy that flows. For even in the darkest of times, through the times of shadows the moon always shines full again. Take this knowledge and power into your energy to see you through times of shadow.

Divination – The perfect time to seek answers or allow the answers to be shown.  See below for a ritual that can aid you in using the moons power to achieve this.

Rejuvenation – It is now that we use the fullness of the moons power to recharge and rejuvenate. Place crystals on window sills or out in her light giving them the opportunity to charge back up to their potency. Take a moon bath and rejuvenate your energy. Charge some moon water to harness the power through the lunar month.

Forgiveness – To fully recharge and rejuvenate we must first release that which doesn’t serve or is training our energetic self. Forgive those that have hurt or wronged you, forgive yourself for deeds that did not serve you. In doing so leaves space in your energetic self to fill with gratitude and empower Self.

Gratitude – Once you have created space through forgiveness fill yourself with gratitude. From the small to the big to the what is to come. Give yourself a gratitude overhaul to call in your best life and live in that place of gratitude.

I hope you enjoy the energy of this card and spend a few moments meditating on the image. Focus on how it makes you feel and the inward/outward motion of spirals. Allow the light of the moon to shine on your shadows and guide you to your personal power.

Remember each full moon is positioned in a different sun sign. Knowing the energy that aligns with this will allow you to hyper focus your intentions and actions to gain the best outcomes of moon magick.

Cards Mantra: Spiral in, spiral out; my power I embrace.


Full Moon Magick

Crystal Moon Mirror Magick

 If you are looking for a personal answer tonight turn to the magic of crystal and moon.

requirements: an intuitively chosen crystal, moonlight, journal and pen.

  • Take your crystal outside or by an open window.
  • Empty your mind of the usual chatter by taking three deep mindful breaths.
  • First gaze at the moon and then at your chosen crystal (a mirror of the moon)
  • Whilst gazing at your crystal ask to seek the answer to your personal question.
  • Tonight whilst you sleep a message or answer will come to you in your dreams.
  • Keep the journal by the side of your bed to record your message from Mother Moon – Luna.

This can be performed under any moon phase as long as the moonlight is visible the power of the full moon gives it more potency.

This card is part of The Wheel Turns, The Planets Move, The Moon Shines Oracle Deck which is in the process of becoming.

Nixie Foster is an artist, author, way-shower and moon witch. Her passion is to empower soul-centred mamas to be in their truth so they love mamahood as much as their babies.