Monday, April 22, 2024

10 ways to be kind to yourself


Life is always going to throw you a curve ball every now and then. If you’re feeling low and in a funk try out the following suggestions to get you back on track.

  1. Have a Happiness Jar. Write on individual slips of paper all the things that make you feel good. Singing, dancing, watching comedy, laughing with friends, talking with an old friend or family member, reading a book, relaxing in the bath or maybe just watching cats on Youtube! When you’re feeling low… dip into the jar and find an activity to raise your vibration.
  2. Stop comparing yourself to others – We all have dreams and goals but everyone is on their own journey and we all have our own individual timeline to fulfil our destiny.  Happiness is subjective to each individual and their circumstances.  Evaluate your expectations of yourself – just stop what you’re doing and evaluate where you are, how you came to be here and where you want to go.
  3. Surrender to the now and be present – right here, right now in this moment, if you are able to read this then you are safe.  Stop thinking about the past or worrying about the future and just be in this moment. Right now is all there is, breathe and smile. 
  4. Know there is no such thing as failure – only successful attempts at finding out what doesn’t work for you.  Those successful people you look up to… they didn’t stumble across success. It took time, motivation, determination… but most of all it took failing…because in those failures were the lessons that led to their success.  Keep going and learn the lessons
  5. Express your emotions -. More often than not we would rather say nothing out of fear than say something out of love… Deep down we all value honesty and empowering others with our true feelings is beneficial for both parties. Honour your feelings. Cry if you need to, laugh when you want to but mostly tell people how you’re feeling.
  6. Visualise and play make believe in your mind – smile whilst you live out your life fantasies in your minds eye, knowing that the more you visualise and feel the positive emotions of your dream life the stronger the mental connections you will be making and harder your subconscious will work to look for messages,people and events that will lead you to your dream.
  7. Have an attitude of gratitude – it’s impossible to feel two conflicting emotions at the same time and so the longer you feel grateful and count your blessings the less time you will have to live in a state of fear and worry
  8. Accentuate the positive – nothing has ever happened or become real without first being a thought! Think positive and positive things will start to happen. Become aware of your thoughts, the more aware you are the easier it is to stop your negative thoughts in their tracks and think a positive thought instead.
  9. Revel in nature and experience the elements – be it the woods, the beach, by a lake or on top of a mountain.  Indulge your senses and listen to the sounds of nature. Notice the smell and taste of the air around you. Touch the textures around you. See the beauty in nature….. notice how your mind and body feels and what emotions you are experiencing. – build a fire or light a candle. Dig in the earth and plant something. Have a bath, drink some water or go wild swimming. Open the windows and feel the breeze shake up the energy in your home 
  10. Finally – watch your words and language. The thoughts you think create the words you speak which leads to the emotions you feel and the actions you take.  The words you speak today create the life you live tomorrow.  Make them loving and positive

Sarah is a Mind, Body & Manifesting Coach 

Author of Beyond Your Beliefs and Co-Founder of Mind • Body • Manifest Online Magazine

with 25yrs experience working to help her clients overcome mental and physical pain, illness, injury and disease.  She specialises in energy release techniques to harness the power of her clients emotions and beliefs so they can transform their mindset, heal their bodies and consciously create the life they really want.

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